About Us

The Naked Tea Company Ltd.

We at The Naked Tea Company have been in business for over 45 years and are a privately owned company supplying gourmet teas to the food service sector and retailers.

Our plan was to blend eight organic teas for the discerning tea drinker with our associates in Europe who have been blending fine teas for over a century; we believe that our teas will surpass the expectations of dedicated tea drinkers everywhere.

We could of course have gone down the route of producing a range of teas that were non organic which would have been a far easier and less expensive exercise but we all agreed that in the 21st century we should all make the effort to reduce pollution, greenhouse gases and to offer our tea drinkers a product that has no artificial fertilisers and pesticides in its production also we had taken into consideration that organic cultivation helps in the preservation of natural resources.

We have achieved all that we set out to do by producing a range of luxury teas at a very affordable price.

Our customers have an appreciation of quality products and we are confident that by serving our Fine Organic Tea in your Hotel, Restaurant, etc your clientèle will also appreciate that you are serving a premium quality product.

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